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We use a range of paper types, thicknesses and sizes.

With different uses and products, the ideal type of paper can vary as some need to be light and portable, whilst other printed media need to be thicker and sturdier.

Below is a look at some of the types of paper we use here at Zip Print.

Australian Standard paper sizes

page sizes

A7: 74 x 105mm
A6: 105 x 148mm
A5: 148 x 210mm
A4: 210 x 297mm
A3: 297 x 420mm
A2: 420 x 594mm
A1: 594 x 841mm
A0: 841 x 1188mm

DL: 210 x 99mm

Business Cards
Sizes may vary depending on where you get your business cards. Standard business card size is 90 x 55mm. However, we often print at 87 x 54mm to better fit into wllet pockets.

Oversized stock

At Zip Print, most of our prints are done on SRA3 (Oversize A3) to be efficiently cut down to a smaller size to allow for bleed and runs containing multiples of a smaller size product (such as 2 x A4 Sheets or 6 x DL Flyers)

Standard Oversized stock includes:

SRA3: 450 x 320mm
SRA4: 320 x 225mm

Paper Thickness

Paper thickness is usually measured by weight, using the GSM metric.

GSM is short for Grams per Square Metre. Due to the way GSM is measured, some stocks may be physically thicker or thinner with identical weight due to the nature of the paper.For example, gloss stock that has varnish applied, will be thinner at 150gsm then a paper without varnish at the same weight.

Some standard Paper Weights are:

60gsm: used often for NCR duplicat/triplicate docket books
80gsm: suitable for standard budget printer paper
100gsm: a higher quality, thicker printer paper
150gsm: Great for gloss paper (due to varnish) or thicker matte paper
200gsm/250gsm: Thicker paper, suitable for a paper thickness just shy of card weight
300gsm: Considered card weight, has many uses including business cards.
350gsm/400gsm: A thicker card weight than above

Paper Type

There is a vast range of paper types out there that can be printed onto. You can go from white paper to coloured, textured, and even recycled paper.

Below are the standard paper types used by use here at Zip Print:

NCR: Perfect for Duplicate/Triplicate Docketbooks
Bond: Standard Matte paper for basic printing and documents
Systems Board: Matte paper that comes in a number of weights from thick paper through to card.
Gloss Art: Glossy paperand card used for promotion material such as flyers, brochures and business cards.
Specialty Stock: We have a range of specialty stocks for something just a little more unique, such as coloured, parchment textured stock, hammered or linen stock.


While some papers are a standard matte, there are paper options above like gloss which are varnished. What we don’t mention above is that you can add more to your prints to give them some extra depth and shine.

We can laminate or celloglaze your prints for added gloss or matte finish.

Laminating is typically quite thick and glossy, giving a print not only extra gloss but durability to last longer in storage.

Celloglazing is a much thinner laminate that can either produce a high gloss or flat matte finish that really makes printing stand out.