Digital Printing

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Digital Printing is the current standard for most commercial print shops currently operating.

The technology behind digital printing makes it possible for you simply connect your computer and send through a file to a print management system which helps you configure the layout and settings to produce high level, commercial quality printing.

Comparison to Offset Printing

Digital Print is generally favored for small runs over offset printing, which requires more manual setup for using several printing plates, inks (including hand mixed inks) and adjusting the layout, ink volume and various factors to control the final result of a number of prints.

Offset is still used more efficiently for jobs with a greater volume of prints, or using hand-mixed Pantone colours which aren’t easily achievable through standard digital printers.

However, offset generally takes more time and expertise to setup, whereas Digital printing is quite fast and easy to learn. Digital Printing also simplifies the above issues with a digital interface where you can make adjustments quickly.

At Zip Print we use Konica Minolta and HP poster printers for various levels of quality and size.