Get to know more about our graphic design and digital printing services. We’ve compiled some our most frequently asked questions we answer at our Maryborough printing business.

What is the best image resolution for digital printing?

The higher the image resolution, the more detailed your print will be. If you are supplying artwork, we will ask for a larger image size (height and width) at 300ppi. This will allow us to resize and alter the image without impacting the quality.

Can you edit a PDF for a brand design?

Yes, we can. However, if you wish to make changes, we would recommend providing the original artwork file. This may be from Adobe Indesign or Illustrator and would allow us to make updates for fonts and graphics correctly.

Can you design a logo for my website?

Absolutely! Our graphic designers can create a logo for not just your website, but also to put on promotional products and marketing materials. We offer affordable logo design packages and will work with you to get exactly the right look for your business.

Can you use this image I found online for my print?

Unfortunately, we can’t use online images for print products. There are a couple of reasons as to why we can’t do this. The first is that photos taken from the internet have a lower resolution and don’t transfer well to print. The second is that permissions are often needed to use the image and could incur a copyright infringement.

What do you print?

Anything you can think of! Just some of the products we print include business and personalised cards, stationery, bookmarks, calendars, stickers, invitations and books.


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