Educational Resources & Information

At Zip Print, we understand that the art of printing and understanding what works best can be complicated and difficult to completely absorb.

We do our absolute best to simplify the process and make your experience as effortless as possible, but we also offer resources to help you do what you need to get the results you want from us.

In our ‘Education’ area of our website, we have some resources to help you best understand how things work for print and give you some insight so you can work better with us and supply your artwork or design files in the most effective way.

Supplying Artwork

This is a very difficult area for most people as we get print a lot of artwork that is predesigned and supplied to us. We have set some guidelines, templates, and resources you can use here to better prepare your design for print. Read more.


Not sure what paper you want to print onto?

We cover the various thicknesses and types of paper available, whether it’s size, colour, thickness or finish, learn more about paper here! Read more.

Digital Printing

We do the vast majority of our printing in-house on our digital printers. As technology advances, so does our ability to produce high-quality print in a competitive market with a very quick turnaround time. Learn more about Digital Printing here.

3D Printing

3D Printing is an imaginative and very functional form of printing which allow you to print and build almost any shape of object from a 3D model. Learn more here.